Each one of us has fond memories of school days. It is where we learnt our first lessons of life and made friends. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that whatever we are today is because of the school we went to.

That’s why, when parents have to choose a school for their child, they want nothing but the best. But despite the dedication and love with which parents plan for their kids, their planning often falls short. Thus, creating need for a solution that can help secure their child’s future.

And this is precisely where Shiksha Uday comes in. It not only guarantees uninterrupted education for the child but also helps provide peace of mind to parents.


About Shiksha Uday

Shiksha Uday is a DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance initiative designed especially for parents to help them protect their child’s right to education. Its mission is to help provide quality education to every child.


Under this program, we partner with like-minded institutions that are as dedicated to this cause as we are. So that, together, we can provide parents a platform to protect their children’s education expenses and help children complete their education to realize their dreams.


DHFL Pramerica Group Credit Life+

DHFL Pramerica Future Idols Gold+ is a participating endowment plan that takes care of your child’s future even in your absence. The product has been designed to protect your child’s education needs right from school to higher studies. 

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