Partnership and Synergy

Our Mission

To help provide quality education to every child.

To achieve our mission, we reach out to institutions which are as dedicated to the cause as we are. We create a perfect partnership and synergy with schools and extend our support not only to parents and children but also to Schools, Principals and Teachers.

We Support


The Child with The Parent with Principal & Teachers with

Media Right Icon Nutritional Workshops

Media Right Icon Parents' Workshops

Media Right Icon Teacher's Training

Media Right Icon Value Based Workshops

Media Right Icon Individual financial need analysis Service

Media Right Icon Time management sessions

Media Right Icon Career Counselling

Media Right Icon Financial query resolution for child's education planing

Media Right Icon Academic and Sports coaching workshops

Media Right Icon Brain mapping exercise

Media Right Icon Health/Dental check ups

Media Right Icon Parents Child compatibility Workshops


We Seek Support


  • From Principal

  • As a valued educator to help us reach out to parents

  • From Teacher

  • As a guide to children and parents

  • From School

  • To partner with our representatives in educating parents on the importance of financial planing for uninterrupted quality education for their children.

Trained To Deliver


  • To bring about a synergy between Parent, child, school and Shiksha Uday representatives, we have a specialized training program called Paathshala.

  • Training in sales processes to understand the primary and secondary education and consequently fulfill the specific educational needs of different children

  • Specialized induction programs to ensure their early success

  • Intensive customer service training to provide superior policy servicing and prompt claim settlement incase of adversities.