Minimum Age at Entry## 8 Years for Policy Term of 10 Years
3 Years for Policy Term of 15 Years
90 Days for Policy Term of 20 or 25 Years.
For ADB Rider Minimum Entry Age is 18 Years
Maximum Age at Entry## 65 Years
For ADB Rider Maximum Entry Age is 60 Years
Maximum Maturity Age## 75 Years
Policy Term 10, 15, 20 or 25 Years
Premium Payment Term Single Pay
Premium Minimum Single Premium: 65,000

Maximum Single Premium: Depends on Maximum

Sum Assured, subject to underwriting
Sum Assured A multiple of Annualized Premium as defined below:
Age at Entry less than 45 Years 1.25 times of Single Premium
Age at Entry 45 Years and above 1.10 times of Single Premium
Subject to maximum of 10 Crore

## Age as on last birthday