Enjoy the benefit of choosing an adequate life cover based on your desired level of protection from multiple options of sum assured basis your age at entry.


Flexibility to choose from Single, Regular or Limited Premium Payment tenures.

Reduced Charges

Get the benefits of reduced charges on opting higher premium amounts.

Get Rewarded

Get rewarded on opting for longer term through Persistency Units and Wealth Boosters at specific intervals to augment your fund value.

Manage Your Funds

Option to actively manage your funds depending upon market conditions with Defined Portfolio Strategy.

Avail Systematic Transfer Plan

Avail Systematic Transfer Plan to systematically transfer your money from Liquid Fund to your chosen funds every month.

Systematic Allocation

Option to manage your funds by creating a balance between Equity and Debt through systematic allocation based on your age with Life Stage Portfolio Strategy.

Fund Conservation at Maturity

Option of Fund conservation at Maturity to safeguard your fund value from market fluctuations.

Top-up Premium

Enhance your fund and life cover by adding Top-up premium.