Nayan Goswami,
(Zonal Head, Central)

Nayan's story

I joined the Company in 2009 to head a strategic account and went on to build up an independent business vertical. I currently manage a zone for all business lines. The pace and opportunity to try out new things and the sense of fulfillment I get on the work have been the two greatest drivers for my success in the Company.


My Day

I reach the office at 9 am and I spend the first hour responding to mails and planning my day. At around 10 am I have a quick cup of coffee with my colleagues in the cafeteria to kickstart the day. Since I take care of multiple business lines and functions for the zone, the rest of my day is spent in scheduled meetings with various team members to take forward plans and resolve issues. The day ends with a concall with the business teams for review and individual support for a sales update. Around 6.30 pm I head back home, if not sneaking out for a quick snack or some beverage with the colleagues.