Maturity Benefit

On maturity, fund value including the value of persistency units will become payable.


Death Benefit

In the event of death, the Policy pays higher of Sum Assured less Partial Withdrawals (if applicable) or Fund Value (including the value of persistency units) or 105% of Premium paid. The policy will terminate on payment of death benefit.


Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)

With Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), you can invest a specific amount in a regular fashion in one or more of the four funds mentioned below, and decide the proportion of money you would like to invest in each fund at monthly intervals subject to minimum of 10% of single premium. This gives you the advantage of rupee cost averaging. You buy more units when markets are down and fewer units when markets are up, thereby reducing the average cost of purchase of units in the funds selected by you. Apart from choosing the amount, the Policyholder also needs to choose the duration/ period over which he/she would like to avail STP from the available options of 6 or 12 months.


Persistency Units

As our commitment towards your wealth creation objective, while the Policy is in force, Persistency Units as a percentage of average fund value at preceding 36 monthly anniversaries will be added to the Policyholder's unit account at the end of every 5th Policy year starting 10th Policy Anniversary until the end of the Policy Term. The Persistency Units will be as follows:


Premium Band From () To () Persistency Units
Band – 1 65,000 1,99,999 1.50%
Band – 2 2,00,000 Onwards 2.00%


Choice of Investment Funds

You have an option to choose from four funds to invest your money in. The funds with their asset allocation percentage are as follows:


Asset Allocation
Fund Government
Debt Fund
(SFIN: ULIF00127/08/08 FIXEDIFUND140)
50% to 100% 0% to 50% 0% to 40% 0%
Balance Fund
(SFIN: ULIF00227/08/08 BALANCFUND140)
20% to 50% 0% to 50% 0% to 40% 10% to 50%
Growth Fund
(SFIN: ULIF00327/08/08 GROWTHFUND140)
10% to 30% 0% to 30% 0% to 40% 40% to 80%
Large Cap Equity Fund
(SFIN: ULIF00427/08/08 LARCAPFUND140)
0% 0% 0% to 40% 60% to 100%


If you are opting for more than one fund, the minimum investment in any fund should be at least 10% of the Single Premium paid.


Liquid Fund will be available to the Policyholder only through STP.


Fund Asset Allocation
Liquid Fund T-Bill/Money Market/Cash: 100%
(SFIN: ULIF00920/01/11LIQUIDFUND140)


What are the Riders available in this Policy?

You can enhance your protection by opting for DHFL Pramerica Unit Linked Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) Rider. If opted, in case of death due to accident, the beneficiary will get an ADB Sum Assured. This will be in addition to the Death Benefit for the base plan and, in case of an eventuality, will be paid out as a lump sum to take care of immediate needs. The maximum risk cover for the chosen Rider cannot exceed the Sum Assured for the base plan subject to maximum of 50 lakhs.


Please refer rider sales brochure before concluding the sale.


Tax Benefits

Tax benefits will be applicable as per prevailing tax laws. Tax laws are subject to change. Please consult your tax advisor for details.


Policy Surrender

The Policy will acquire surrender value from the first Policy year but it becomes payable only after completion of 5 complete Policy years. The surrender value will be the fund value less discontinuance or surrender charges.