• In an unfortunate event of death of the Life Insured within the Policy Term, the policy will pay the Sum Assured chosen at inception. The policy will terminate   after paying the death benefit.
  • There are no maturity benefits under this plan.
  • One can augment the level of protection by opting for DHFL Pramerica Traditional Accidental Death Benefit Rider or/and DHFL Pramerica Traditional Critical Illness Rider with the base plan.


You can make the whole plan more comprehensive by adding additional benefits to your base plan. Riders are important add-ons since they enable you to customize the policy to suit your individual requirements and future needs. They help you derive maximum benefit from your insurance plans.


DHFL Pramerica Traditional Accidental Death Benefit Rider: [UIN: 140A003V02]

On death due to an ill-fated accident, the beneficiary gets an additional sum assured as chosen under this rider. It is available in addition to the basic death benefit under the base plan.


DHFL Pramerica Traditional Critical Illness Rider:[UIN: 140B002V02]

This Rider provides protection cover in case the life insured is diagnosed with/undergoes any of the 10 critical illnesses/conditions/surgeries namely aorta surgery, blindness, cancer of specified severity, open chest CABG,first heart attack of specified severity, open heart replacement or repair of heart valves, kidney failure requiring regular dialysis, major organ/bone marrow transplant, permanent paralysis of limbs and stroke resulting in permanent symptoms. If you were diagnosed with any of these specified illnesses, the critical illness benefit would be paid in lump sum subject to a survival period of atlea30 days. The base plan continues even after payment under this additional benefit.

Please refer to the rider brochure for detailed benefits before concluding a sale